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New Beginnings

Hello and welcome to Kia’s and Daniil’s travel blog! This is not only a blog as you will also find our online portfolio full of colourful and storytelling pictures along our travels, information about destinations in Asia that we visited and of course our opinions about those as well as links to our other social media accounts, all filled with different content.

Our journey started from Helsinki, Finland, when we left our home, friends and families, as well as university and workplaces in order to experience something new. We decided to really challenge ourselves and chose to move our lives to Penang, Malaysia for the next 5 months. We are here to study business in University of Science Malaysia, and when we don’t study, oh boy we travel!

Heads up high we begin our 30 hour trip to our final destination, via Rome and Hong Kong. And so we flew, and waited and flew and waaaiiiteeeedddd, until finally 24th of August we landed to Penang, facing the extremely humid weather.

We were not totally on our own since our new landlord was waiting for us at our new home. We will spend this semester living in a hostel/condominium called Sunnyville, in Gelugor, Penang. It is rather modest place to live, but still beats the on-campus dorms 6-0. It is also situated within 20 min walk from our university and has some useful facilities such as swimming pool, mini-market and restaurant.

Our landlord, Mama Wendy, showed us around the apartment and then took us for welcoming meals and to our local supermarket Tesco. After that we were more than ready to catch some Zzz’s. We had one week to get to know places before starting school and new routines, and we were going to make the best out of it!

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