Daniil Ivanov


Queensbay Mall, Penang

You know the days when you are just too tired of the endless burning sun and fried chicken with rice? When those hit us, we grab an Uber to Queensbay Mall, RM5 and 5-10 minutes into western heaven. It is more of an entertainment center than just a mall, filled with hundreds of shops, but also having a long list of places to eat in as well as an amazing movie theatre! When we found out that the movie tickets actually cost about 1,5-3 euros, we started going even more often.

As for exercising, we decided to invest in gym memberships in a modern and well air conditioned gym inside the mall as well. After working out, we might spend few hours sitting in a lounge area filled with bean bags to catch up with some computer duties, enjoying a free wifi (luxury when you don’t have a connection at home!) and an additional fancy coffee. Before heading home, one can do grocery shopping in a big supermarket which is also a great plus.



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