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Island Langkawi Day-2 / Cable car & Seven Wells Waterfalls

In order to have enough time for everything, we started the second day in Langkawi island early, heading to the North of the island in order to experience something new. We would soon be hanging in the air inside a little cabin, taking us to the top of the mountain. It was time for a cable car ride!


Just when we were ready to soar the heights, they told us at the ticket counter that the queuing would take about two more hours. Affected by the heat, we decided to splurge and pay double the price of the tickets (totally 90 RM/person) to get access to the express lane. This is when the process started to speed up and we got royal treatment by passing all the lines, getting free gifts and so on.

The journey up the hill in a little wagon was simply breathtaking! The view; beach, boats, turquoise sea, waterfalls in the middle of the forest, multiple mountain tops, little villages and big cities…


We reached the top in about 15 minutes while trying not to look down too much. There was a pitstop where you could watch the views and return back down, if wished so, or you could continue even higher up. We did so, and at the top we decided to go by feet some stairs down to the Skybridge. That one was so cool! I know, sounds funny but that’s the truth!




It goes between the mountains and offers views like you have never seen before. Also it was much cooler up there and the wind felt so good after a long time. Just pure pleasure. Daniil spent a lot of time capturing what was in front of us, but as he said, you cannot get the same depth and  feelings caught on the camera. Sometimes it is just better to stop and watch everything with your own eyes.




After spending couple of hours up in the air, we descended to the sea level and got some lunch. Next stop was waiting us close, The Seven Wells Waterfalls, just a couple of hundred metres from the cable car. We walked for about ten minutes into the forest and reached the magnificent waterfalls.



The place was mostly filled with locals, who were fiercely jumping to the water from the rocks. We took our time there and held our feet in the cold water and just relaxed. Great experience!


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