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Langkawi Island Day 3 – Paradise beach

You know when you set standards in your head and refuse to settle with anything less than what you have imagined? This is how our search for THE perfect beach started with. As you saw in earlier posts, we took a dip at the nearest beach in Langkawi and checked out Pantai Cenang, but we were definitely not yet satisfied. Guess what was our main inspiration for this search? Just dig your memory and see the most common Windows background picture with palms and white sand in front of your eyes, and let me tell you, we found it!

After researching a bit, it came down to two options for beaches with that white sand and empty space feeling, both located in the north of Langkawi main island. We found out that one of them is owned by a luxury resort, and they only allow their guests to use the beach. We tried to get the taxi driver to drive us there anyway but they seriously thought that we had no change of accessing it. We gave up and chose to travel to Pasir Tengkorak Beach, which was actually much nicer than the first option. The way there was really long and took us closer to one hour to reach it.

Right after we saw the first glimpse of water, there was an old man who came to us. He welcomed us to the beach and told how beautiful it was, but if we wanted more privacy and quietness, we should head through a little jungle patch towards a remote beach with no one else there. After that he disappeared. First it felt like a weird scam. We came closer to the beach line and noticed that it was quite crowded with locals and many kids. After hesitating for a moment, we spotted ancient stone stairs going straight up to the jungle and thought that they must be what the old man was talking about.

We saw a sign, which told that the island in front of us was part of Thailand and actually only 5 kilometres away. It used to be a known prison island, which was why the beach we were at was also called ‘The Skull Island’, since the prisoners who attempted to escape the island, stranded to Pasin Tengkorak beach dead. This was also due the fact that sharks surrounded the prison island.

It was a ridiculously short hike in the jungle after which we descended down to the most amazing place we have been so far. It was quite small beach, but incredibly clean, clear water, waves splashing against the rocks and a little rope swing hanging from a tree branch. And the most important part, there was nobody else but us.




It was the most perfect place to just relax. Sounds like the biggest cliché in the world, but when you have no disturbance from the outside world, you can just enjoy and try to save every minute of the day in your memories. So we went swimming, laid in the shadow (no tanning under the sun in that heat!), read books and took lots of pictures. Just look at them, the pictures talk for themselves!





This was something we would reminiscence again and again later. Hours went by and hunger started to raise its head so we decided to head home.

Not so easily done, as you would think. When we arrived, we saw couple of taxis parked outside the beach and thought that there would for sure be one left, when we will go home. As it was not a tourist destination at all, it was not as crowded with money hungry taxi drivers as the other places. We waited for some time, then tried to call a couple of random taxi numbers we found online, but all we got was laughs, saying we were too far away. After some time, we saw a taxi arriving, car full of people and stopping there. We rushed to ask the driver if he could get us home. He had gone there to spend the evening with his family, but saw that we were in trouble and offered to drive us to the closest taxi spot. From there on we continued with another taxi back home. Even this mini stress couldn’t ruin the state of calmness we reached during our perfect day at the beach.

Written by Kia
Photos and Publishing by Daniil

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