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Kuala Lumpur & Aquaria

Penang itself is a nice little island and although it has lots of places to visit and things to do, it really feels small and after a while we felt like we needed a shot of big city life. Bring me bright lights, tall buildings, stylish people and something less down to Earth! We had been craving to visit Kuala Lumpur for a while; as it is indeed the capital of Malaysia and would guarantee to fill all our wishes. What kept us stuck in Penang for couple of more weekends was the Formula 1 race they had in KL, and since we did not have tickets, it would have been useless to travel there at that time with millions of other people. Instead we waited and booked Airbnb from there on the weekend after the race. Another good reason not to travel there during a massive tourist event was the fact that the streets, malls and all corners were filled with pickpockets. Many of our peer students got robbed during the F1-weekend.

We have two handy ways of reaching Kuala Lumpur from Penang, you can choose plane or a bus. We picked bus since we had heard good reviews about it, it was rather cheap (40 RM) and would be close to our home. The bus was really comfortable compared to Finnish busses and so the five-hour-trip went by fast napping in the big and comfy chairs. We bought the tickets until KL Centralia and took an Uber to our apartment from there.

We were ready to hit the town quite late in the evening when it was dark already so we decided to tick off the aqua park of Aquaria from our planned attractions. Daniil a.k.a Fish Boy is so into all kinds of underwater worlds and so we happily went to see some Nemos. It has become a habit to visit these kinds of places everywhere we travel. If in need of advice regarding aqua worlds, just ask him! Our apartment was located in a neighbourhood that was literally in the middle of everything (more about that later), so Aquaria as well was easy to reach. As said, it was evening so the place was pretty much empty. We bought tickets for around 10 euros and started touring.


What is nice in these sea worlds in big cities is that they are usually well decorated, have a large variety of species and are clean and modern overall. This one matched those requirements well. You could compare Aquaria with Helsinki’s Sea Life. As an comparison we used the sea world in Langkawi, which was just really sad with its too small tanks for big fish, which made them look depressed, as they could barely turn around in the space, and overall the place looked cheap and dirty. That’s why a peek from the entrance was enough for us and we did not buy the tickets.



There are few things that made this place stand out. To mention some; they had a laboratory for growing jellyfish and other babies where you could see step by step how they evolve into their full size. One of the workers said that they move the babies into the next step of the growing process when they are evolved enough and then add new patch of little ones to start the chain again. Second thing was the ability to touch quite many of the fish when they swam in low, little pools. They were not too bothered by us and we got a chance to squirm after they left our hands slimy. The third and most unexpected fact was that in this park you could dive with sharks in a shark tank. It was an extra cost experience of course but sounded really cool! We were pretty happy with the visit and I could mention that my favourites were without a doubt the ‘fish sticks’ as I named them and the huge turtles. We would recommend this as a great rainy day activity in Kuala Lumpur!






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