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Petrona’s Twin Towers & KLCC Park & Shopping

Many European big cities are recognizable by their famous landmarks and people even head to places like Paris and London just for the sake of Eiffel and Big Ben. In all ways it is extremely hard to compare European and Asian cities as they come from totally different worlds. If in Europe you want to experience something old, you head to the old town and see beautiful architecture for example. In Asia, old could mean things like temples, which are usually out of the city centre, which makes the central areas either new, shiny, tall and expensive or dirty, broken, crowded and smelly. Even though Kuala Lumpur is one of these Europe-like cities with well-known landmarks, the Petrona’s Twin Towers, it still falls into the first description category of Asian cities. By that I mean that it is modern and glassy, but does not make you feel the same way as European cities since you cannot for example just pop in to a cute café on the street or visit a small boutique on a narrow little alley. All the activities are concentrated in big malls, which keep reconstructing, growing and new ones appearing like mushrooms in the rain. The streets are meant for business people commuting to and from their offices and cars chauffeuring other ones to their destinations. It just isn’t the place for a slow Sunday walk, which is why they have parks even in the very centre of the cities.


The twin towers, 452 metres in height, were the world’s tallest building when they were completed in 1998. The buildings belong to Petronas, the Malaysian national oil company. We first saw a glimpse of them on our first night in KL, when we exited the Aquaria. They surely have the ability to amaze in all lightings, day and night. In the night time they glowed in the dark and were clearly visible even from afar. But only when we stood at the roots of them, did we feel like tiny ants. They are huuuge!! We wanted to get a different perspective of them and headed to the KLCC Park just behind them.

The whole area around the towers and the park is filled with people and attractions. On all sides of them you can find different sized shopping centres, with most of them offering luxury products but also some high-street chain stores. We visited Pavilion KL and couple of other smaller malls. Some say that Kuala Lumpur is a shopping heaven, but I wouldn’t say so, or then I just didn’t find the right places. I would prefer for example London over this one any time when it comes to shopping. When we had enough, we took direction to the park nearby.



As mentioned, the view to the towers was great therefrom. It was a nice and refreshing break in the midst of busy city life, so tourists as well as locals and business people came there to breath for a while. The park was big yet cozy with its fountains, running tracks and little cottages to have lunch at. We ended up spending couple of hours there relaxing before the heat got the best of us and it was time to find our beloved friend AC once again.

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