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Regalia Flyover

If you are used to Airbnb, you know that it is a gamble game of luck and varying accuracy level of the descripting pictures. To those of you who have not used this platform yet, I will explain it shortly. Airbnb is a company that acts as a renting platform for apartments and rooms, which it does not own. It works in the same way as Ebay, connecting sellers, or apartment owners in this case, and the buyers and people seeking for accommodation on their travels. You just say where are you heading to, do you wish to stay alone or with your company in a private, whole apartment or if a single room is enough for you. The difference between this and hotels is that private people own these rooms and apartments. Some even rent their home while they are on a holiday somewhere else at the same time, to make most out of the apartment and make some money simultaneously. This also means that even though some of them are acquired only for renting purposes, some of them are actual homes with family portraits on the walls, food in the fridge and laundry drying on the hallways.

I have stayed at quite many Airbnbs. The reason I often choose them over hotels and hostels, is because hotel rooms in big cities and popular traveling destinations tend to be expensive for students and hostels lack privacy. Airbnbs are usually a safe choice in the matter of payments and bookings, since the site takes care of this part. You usually pay in advance through online bank after the owner has approved your booking. Then they contact you and you can ask questions from the owners.

Why I mentioned in the beginning that dealing with Airbnb is a game of sorts, has couple of reasons. I have had the chance to stay in amazing locations, in modern apartments with all the possible facilities and paid nearly nothing. I have also stayed in little bedrooms, which you cannot lock up, with a glass door straight to the kitchen, in a house having two other couples behind the room walls at the same time. When I left a note asking if I could use their washing machine, the owner guy had washed and hanged my laundry already. And in our most recent trip we managed to stay in the worst rat hole ever imaginable. Plus it was expensive.

My point behind all of this was to tell about our AMAZING experience with the above-mentioned company in Kuala Lumpur. Couple of days before arriving to KL, we booked one full apartment in the heart of the city, located in a five star hotel, where it is possible to purchase apartment units for private use. It was great already in the pictures, but also impressed us in nature. As always, the pictures do not include all the scratches and bumps but for the most of it, the apartment was in great condition. It had a big living room with sofa and TV, bedroom with a queen-size bed and a spacy bathroom and kitchen.

When we arrived the owner met us with the keys and gave us some tips for the city and then we were on our own. Even the inner courtyard was looking really zen with different water and plant installations. It was a great find, inexpensive and in a great location. This was not all though. The main thing that got us sold was the infinity pool on the rooftop. Yes you heard right.

On the first night we had to have a peek already even if we were not going to swim. It was on the 37th floor and guarded by a tough looking man. We wrote down our room number and names and got access to breath-taking views! You could see the whole skyline of the city from there and most importantly the Petronas Twin Towers. The whole place was lit and the skyscrapers glowed in the darkness with the stars.Even late in the evening the place was crowded with guests hunting for the perfect shots, we were sure it would be the same situation in the morning as well. Luckily we were wrong!




The next morning we came there before nine with full swimming gears on. It was bright and hot, and there was only one woman with us at the same time. We loved it! We thought it was a great idea to take pictures there at this time when there wouldn’t be other people on the background of the frames.


iPhone picture ! Look how sleepy …

At the end we realized how tired we looked with our eye bags and bed hair 😀 We just can’t fool anyone and pretend that we like waking up this early feeling energetic and ready for the day. Next time we’ll have some breakfast first to look even half awake in morning photo shoots like this 😀

The point was, if you ever visit KL we can warm-heartedly recommend Regalia Flyover, either as a hotel or as finding your accommodation from there via Airbnb. Just do not eat breakfast in the lobby, zero points for that one.


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