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Hong Kong by night

Time for a holiday, once again! Seems we don’t do much except for vacations, but this should be the last longer holiday week before Christmas. We have reached mid-term in our studies and would be enjoying 10-days off.

We had two city holiday options in our minds: Tokyo and Hong Kong. We ended up booking our holiday rather late, so flight prices were quite high already. Flights to Tokyo were almost double the price of Hong Kong so slowly we dropped that option. Japan would have been an amazing country to visit and so it will stay on our bucket lists for the future. As most of the students headed for beach holidays to Bali etc. we saw this holiday week as our best chance to explore a big city bit further away from Penang. So we booked AirBnb accommodation for three nights and a hostel for the last two nights in Hong Kong. Time for new adventures!

After getting settled to our horrendous AirBnb, we desperately needed some fresh air and took a walk by the sea, at Victoria Harbour. Our location was ideal, we stayed in Tsim Sha Tsui area and it was really easy to reach all the major sights by metro or by walking. The main reason we wanted to visit the harbour was the well known statue of Bruce Lee and the Avenue of Stars, supposed to have stars on the pavement for all major Chinese movie stars, singers etc. The Avenue of Stars was unfortunately closed for renovation, but they had moved some of the handprints in the cement and so on to the Garden of Stars, just meters away from the original location. By the way, Bruce Lee was moved to the Garden, so Daniil could admire the statue anyways.


We admired the big and colourfully lighted cruise ships that passed us by. It was really photogenic scene by night since the lights reflected beautifully on the sea surface. Afterwards we had dinner and walked around, getting used to the colourful and bustling streets of Hong Kong.


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