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Victoria Peak & Hong Kong Park


One of the must places to see in Hong Kong is definitely the Victoria Peak. We decided to check it out on our first day in the city, to get a good look of the city from above. We took a train to Central Station, from where we walked a while before reaching the looooong ticket line to the mountain train leading up to the hill. On our way from the train we saw endless amounts of business men and women in their suits, heading for lunches from their international banking companies. The area was beautiful and we just had to stop and admire the modern architecture of the office buildings.

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The Peak is an extremely popular sight and therefore the lining to the ticket counter took almost one hour. It was possible to buy combination tickets to the Peak and Madame Tussauds Wax cabinet, but after seeing it once already we decided to just go on with the Peak.

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The road up hill was steep! We sat in the little mountain train and watched the glorious views from the windows. What truly surprised us was the ending station; we ended up inside a massive shopping center! They have built a huge concept around the Peak, so before you actually appear up on the roof, you must go through souvenir shops and walk past numerous floors full of brand shops and restaurants. We wanted to see the view from the clouds more than anything, so headed straight there.

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Oh how magical! First thing you notice is the temperature, it was cool and cloudy but the view was still clear. This was definitely worth the expensive tickets and all the queuing in the heat. We could see the harbour from previous night, all the big ships sailing in the sea and all the tall buildings in their full glory. It was so relaxing to be up there, even with all the other tourists, without cars honking and all busyness of a big city.

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When we had taken enough pictures, it was time to check what was on offer in the complex. To Daniil’s big and happy surprise we found a Burger King (first time since coming to Asia!) and ate some familiar treats. Afterwards we strolled around some shops, visited a 3D- painting studio and pictured the peak from the other side of the hill as well. Time to choo choo back down!

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On our way back to the train we noticed the signs of Hong Kong Park. As big fans of city parks we went to have a look. It was really cozy and silent park with lots of special features! They had tea museum, carp pool, turtles, fountains and romantic restaurants under the trees. When it got dark, we stopped for super expensive coffee under the tree branches decorated with fairy lights. Coffee was bitter but the moment was sweet. Our legs were heavy from all the walking, but the day had been a success so we happily headed back to our hotel.

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