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Hong Kong Street markets

The best markets in Hong Kong are situated in the Mong Kok area. We read that the Ladies market would be the best to visit and therefore eagerly followed the tips there. The market was three blocks long, with very narrow road in the middle for the shoppers to walk on. Both sides of the streets were filled with stalls of Chinese women selling almost identical products. It was all about haggling, because the prices varied much from seller to seller, but at the end they were all willing to drop at least half of the original price out.

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The products were really typical; fake bags, little electronic appliances, clothes, toys etc. We found couple of little things to buy, such as passport covers with the face of Stich on them. A must buy I say. We browsed around and then continued to other streets around us.

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The place was filled, I mean fully stocked with sneaker shops! Nike, Adidas, Reebok, you name it. Most of the shoes were still in plastic wraps coming straight from the factories situated close by. We visited pretty much all of them in the search of the cheapest price for the Stan Smiths I wanted. Eventually found them on a great discount, from an original Adidas store! They are happily waiting for Finnish spring in their box.

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After hours and hours of walking amongst millions of people we were absolutely exhausted. We escaped to a quiet little restaurant without any other customers, minutes before the lunch offers expired. On our way to the train some old lady chased us for a while and we got really suspicious. At the end she just wanted to point out that Daniil’s backpack was wide open! Fortunately nothing was stolen, but we made sure to check the zippers more often after this. One more day wrapped!

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